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Make sure you visit our homemade Turkish food gallery and don’t hesitate to ask questions. We are ready to cater your special events, birthdays or meetings as well as our to go menu please contact us and try our mount watering Homemade Turkish Food.

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To cook more delicious Turkish food dishes you should use hot or warm water when you are cooking. Cold water harms your dish. When cooking meat for Turkish food ; if you add the salt at the beginning the meat would be hard.The frying oil should be hot and sizzling in order to prevent your food absorbing much oil. Also adding new oil to existing hot oil, makes the food absorb the recently added oil.  Consume ayran as quick as possible since upon time yogurt would be gathered at the bottom. To obtain a clear and bright Turkish Tea, wash the tea leaves with cold water before brewing.  Strawberry has a protein which affects the serotonin hormone that makes you happy. Also, it lessens the stress and appetite.

To prevent your tomato paste from going bad, flatten its surface and add some olive oil. This cuts the air contact and prevents bacteria growing. You can keep the tomato paste fresh for a long time by this method.To take the garlic odor off your hands, get some salt and wet it a little. Then rub it in your hands. Afterwards wash finely with soap, you will realize that the smell is gone. You can do the same for onion and fish smell.While boiling potatoes add a spoon of vinegar in it in order to have yellow and more delicious potatoes. Digestion of fried fish is may be sometimes difficult, because it absorbs too much oil.  To prevent this after washing the fish, brush with oil and dip into flour, then fry them. When making potato salad, cool, or ‘shock’ the cut, boiled potatoes in the freezer.